Fishing Report


25-40' weedbreaks usingfatheads, suckers, or shiners.
Lakes to try: Ottertail, Rush, w. Battle, Pelican ( in narrows )


15-20' In weeds using sucker minnow or shiners.
Lakes to try: Ottertail, N.Turtle, Fiske

Crappies & Sunfish

15- 20' they are suspended. Use crappie minnows, waxworms or spikes
Lakes to try: E. Loss, w. Battle, Rush, Walker, Wall Fish

Ice Report

10-15 inches with cracks and heaves so be careful!!!!

Drive slow so a wake is not pushed ahead of you. This is what makes ice break up.

Be safe while hunting!!
Good luck hunting: Fishing people

Smaller lakes 8-10'
Larger lakes 6-8'