When Family Tradition Continues Four Decades Later

When Family Tradition Continues Four Decades Later

That’s how you know Ben’s Bait Shop in Battle Lake, MN, is truly special

Catching minnows to go fishing- That’s the family tradition that our great-grandfather Stich started with his son, our Grandpa Ben, more than 40 years ago. Although Stich regularly took Grandpa Ben fishing, they both soon realized they’d had an unmatched skill- trapping, collecting and farming minnows, that made them a resource for fellow Battle Lake fisherman.

Ben eventually married a woman name Josie and started Ben’s Bait Shop in 1970 in a store about the size of a two car garage. Eventually, Josie and Ben had 4 kids: Brian, Craig, Jodi & Lori, and they all helped out at the store and in the minnow ponds throughout their youth. Ben's youngest son Craig took what he was taught and continues teaching his minnow trapping secrets to Battle Lake fisherman about the bait that tries harder, or dies trying.

Alongside store manager and son Bennet, remember we’re four generations deep, Craig continues to help with daily operations and to trap minnows.

Although times have certainly changed in the past 40 years, as well as the size of our store expanding from a two car garage to 2,500 square feet, our exceptional customer care and great bait selection has never faltered. We continue to grow our own minnows and have the best prices in Battle Lake, MN, and surrounding areas. Grandma Josie started the tradition of renting popular movies to tourist and Battle Lake natives alike, which eventually led to our collection of over 6,000 DVD / Blu-ray movies. We also carry Ben's Bait Shop souvenirs, Battle Lake souvenirs, and other miscellaneous items like Minnetonka Moccasins.

Come to Ben’s Bait Shop in Otter Tail County when you want to know what four generations of fishing expertise looks like.

Co-Owners Bennet Stich and Father Craig

Co-Owners Bennet Stich and Father Craig
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